About Me!

Hello! I’m a dog who just recently joined the James’ family in Pasadena, California and can also…

Whoops wrong tab.

Anyway, my name is Zabe (she/her) but I actually goes by Liz 20% of the time (but I’m really trying to push my friends to call me Zabe). I’m 20 years old and an average college student who also is a Resident Advisor, works at the housing office, Passion Planner representative (GET 10% OFF WITH ELIZABETH10!) and works at an internship at a vegan company (when I’m not even vegan). I have a million hobbies and interests and am constantly talking about them. I go through basically a new phase every week and here I am to talk about my new obsessions. (I’m as ENFP-T as they come basically haha)

My hobbies include: board games, writing, crocheting, video games, anything involving music (guitar, songwriting, piano, listening, concerts, business and crazy celebs, etc.), reading, skateboarding, and planning.

Most of my interests revolve around these but I’m also hella into memes and conspiracy theories.

SO LETS DIVE IN (so get a floatie please dis about to be a willldldddd ridddeee!!!EE)

What I think I look like
What I guess I apparently look like