The Murder of Marilyn Monroe

Hey everyone!! It’s been SO long since I’ve written on here BUT I’m here now and ready to rumble.

Marilyn Monroe is one of the many conspiracy theories that has been going around recently on youtube because of how WEIRD it truly is. Because of Marilyn Monroe’s mental illness, the police immediately ruled her death as a suicide, like our good friend Kurt Cobain. The police did not investigate nearly as much as they should have so I’m here today to show you exactly how un-suicide like this whole thing is.


Marilyn Monroe suffered various health problems due to substance abuse for the last few years of her life. She had not even completed a movie in over a year because her last two films were labeled as commercial failures. She started to become known as difficult to work with because of the drugs and it started to become hard for her to learn her lines. Marilyn was known in her movies as a sex symbol but started increasingly being known more for her depression, anxiety and chronic insomnia. Marilyn was fired two months before her death on the film “Somethings Gotta Give” due to frequent absences. The public blamed the drugs and alcohol for her mental illness and negative articles began circulating. During those two months, Marilyn increasingly did interviews and photo shoots to try to bring back her positive image.

Also as most of us know, Marilyn was having sexual encounters with both Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy. *cue Happy Birthday song*

Monroe’s Death:

Marilyn lived with a house keeper named Eunice Murray who stayed the night occasionally to check up on her. On the night of August 4th, 1962 Marilyn told Eunice that she was going to her room to go to sleep. They even had an argument about Marilyn not having enough sleep earlier that day so going to bed this early wasn’t strange to Eunice. At around 12AM, Eunice noticed that Marilyn’s light was still on and thought it was very strange. At around 3AM, Eunice woke up because she “felt something was wrong” and went to Marilyn’s bedroom. Eunice discovered that the door was locked and the light was still on. Eunice knocked on the door multiple times and decided to call Marilyn’s psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson. Greenson came over to the house and also knocked to try to receive a response from Marilyn.

Reportedly, Greenson went outside of the house to the window of Marilyn’s bedroom. From there, Greenson broke the window and reached inside to feel Marilyn’s pulse on her neck and reported that she was dead. From there, the two decided to call the doctor at around 3:50AM. The doctor came and LA UPD was called at around 4:25AM.

The Crime Scene:

  • Marilyn was found naked, face down, arms straight down her side and legs perfectly straight on top of her bed with her hand reportedly on the telephone receiver.
  • She was found with barbiturates in her liver, which means that the pills have been entered in her system through her rectum and not swallowed.
  • There was no water glass or any form of liquid in the room but just empty pill bottles aligned perfectly on her night stand.
  • There was glass from the window found OUTSIDE of the house and not inside even though Greenson reportedly punched from the outside of the house inside the room.
  • Marilyn’s “little red diary” that everyone knew about that reported the affairs with Robert and John Kennedy was also found missing and never recovered.

A police man who was a first responder to the situation came out and said that when he first arrived at the scene, Eunice Murray was found washing and folding the sheets that Marilyn was on which means any DNA on those sheets were wiped away. The police officer says he also had a “sixth sense” that it was staged and something was wrong.


The Unanswered questions:

  • Why did they wait so long to call the police?
  • Why was the doctor and psychiatrist called?
  • Why was there no water found? WHY WOULD SHE PUT PILLS UP HER BUTT???
  • Why was Eunice WASHING THE SHEETS!!! If she wanted justice for Marilyn, why would she wipe away evidence?
  • Why was there glass found OUTSIDE! of the house? Does that mean the the psychiatrist was actually inside the room, punched the window from inside and made up the story to show he wasn’t there for her death?
  • Where is the red diary and why would it be missing if it was a suicide?


John and Robert Kennedy

Since Marilyn had sexual relations with Robert and John, there is a theory that these two orchestrated something that had something related to her death. The theory goes that Robert and Marilyn were getting very close and Marilyn wanted to marry Robert and make their relationship public. Robert was very against this idea and wanted to keep their relationship private. According to the theory, Marilyn threatened to tell everyone some secrets if he didn’t marry her and gave him an ultimatum. Instead of dealing with it, Robert orchestrated her to be killed. Hence: why the red diary is missing.

The Government

Marilyn was very high up in the world (people speculate Illuminati) and even was with John and Robert Kennedy at the time. Is it possible that they could’ve shared some secrets when they were drinking or just hanging out? Probably. Due to this, like the previous theory, they felt she knew too much and decided to kill her before she let anything spill to protect John. Some believe the government was behind her tough time in the media so when she started to build herself up again, they had to shut her down.

Mafia Member Sam Giancana

This goes back to the Kennedy theory. He was questioned for being hired by the Kennedy brothers because of a previous link that they had together. The motive was apparently that Kennedy hired the mafia member to murder Marilyn and to ensure that the Kennedy’s presidency was in the clear. Apparently the drug used that was in Marilyn’s system is one of the mafia’s drug of choice they use on other victims. Her coroner’s report states that they found barbiturates in her liver. But apparently she had taken enough Nembutal and chloral hydrate to kill 15 people, no trace of tablets was found in her stomach and weren’t mentioned because no tablets were found in her. This also is important because it brings the idea of the enema into the theory of her murder. Giancana and another mafia member who was a suspect happen to die that same year that the theory was written about in 1975.


All of these conspiracies seem very plausible. I also won’t rule out her suicide because it is possible that she accidentally overdosed. But at the same time… why would she shOVE PILLS UP HER BUTT!!! ALSO THE GLASS??

Honestly that is the one detail that continues to get me. I just can’t believe someone would willing do that. Maybe that’s just a personal thing but..honestly. Wyd Marilyn.


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