WHAT IS THE TRUTH? ft. Elvis is Alive

I heard about this conspiracy from a Shane Dawson video (don’t judge me please) and I was extremely interested in the theory. Since then I’ve been looking into the possibility of The King™️ being alive and all the hints and weird things that were happening in the few days and a few months before he died.

Here’s what wikipedia says:

Elvis was found unresponsive in his bathroom floor on August 16, 1977 by his at the time gal Ginger Alden. After many attempts to retrieve him alive, he was pronounced dead at 3:30 p.m. at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Supposedly he was supposed to fly out to being his tour that evening.

Once this report came out, there was no clear reason of his death. There was claims first that it was drugs, then it was suicide, then it was heart attack and then in the 2000s it was that he had violent constipation on the toilet. It was initially claimed to be from drugs and there were doctors saying that he had “14 drugs in his system, 10 in significant quantity.” There are reports listing 10,000 sedatives in the previous eight months were prescribed to him.

Before the toxicology report was finished, a doctor released that Elvis died of cardiac arrhythmia, a condition that can be determined only in someone who is still alive.

In 1994, the case was reopened and they determined that there was no drugs in his system and that it looked like he just died from a sudden, violent heart attack.

Final year of Elvis:

Within the last year of his life,

  • Elvis divorced his wife Priscilla
  • got a new girlfriend
  • gained 50 pounds within the last month of his life
  • fired three of his closest bodyguards
  • fought the book released about him and his huge drug use problem called “Elvis: What Happened?”
  • could barely perform at his concerts because no one could understand what he was saying
  • cancelled his tour midway because he couldn’t get out of bed/health

Sounds like Elvis had a pretty rough time in the past year.

Now lets get into the theories at the possible truth of what REALLY happened.

Legal Trouble

In a few days before his death, Elvis lost $1,300,000 over a airplane/real estate issue and was forced to give money to this group called “Fraternity” (aka don’t trust Sigma Chi) which was linked to be with the mafia. In response, Elvis was close with the government and friends with President Nixon. So its believed that Elvis went over to the government and told them what happened with his group. In response to the information told by Elvis to the government, they let Elvis into their witness relocation program.

Wax Figure

Elvis’ funeral was hosted on August 17th, 1977. The day after his death. His casket was up to 900 pounds. (WHAT IS IN THERE THE FUQ). Its believed that the family had the funeral the day after 1) because they already planned the whole thing (duh) or 2) to keep crazed fans away from noticing the wax body in the casket!

Family member Bobby Mann was paid a large sum of body to take this photo on the day of the funeral.


But this photo is what really raised a lot of questions about it being a wax body.

  • his nose shape is different from his real nose
  • screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-12-14-22-pm
  • along with the eyebrow shape
  • a hairdresser later claimed that she glued on one of his side burns at the funeral because it was “falling off” (the cousin claims she saw this too)
  • people who attended the funeral said that the area around the casket was cool. This raised questioned that the casket was air conditioned to keep the wax body from melting.
  • How did these people find a 900lb casket within 24 hours??? What?? I’m still on this.
  • Elvis was an 8th degree black belt (side note: wtf) which meant that his hands were calloused and rough. At the funeral though, people reported that it was odd that his hands were really soft and smooth.
  • Most of the info is from his cousin Gene Smith


Elvis lived in this mansion estate of 13.8 acres in Memphis, Tennessee which is now a big tourist spot. There has been a few “sightings” of Elvis at Graceland that has raised a lot of questions.

The most important one is a photo that someone took when they were on tour of Graceland four months after Elvis’ “death.” This photo was taken before photo shop even existed and timed stamped in 1977.


To this day, there has been no explanation of what happened and who that person is.

Around June in 2016, there was security footage of someone working around Graceland people believe is actually Elvis working. (ehhh) He was also spotted around time in May of 2016.screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-12-56-40-amscreen-shot-2017-01-07-at-12-56-55-am


Alot of people believe that when he scratches his head with his fingers in a “v” shape like above, that he is giving people a sign saying “I’m Alive.” (again, eehhh)

But the man looks like he could be around 81 which would be Elvis’ current age. Along with workers or past workers have claimed that this man is Elvis. Elvis also broke his pinky around the age of 25 and youtubers claim that they can see how his pinky is different. Video is located here and here.


Elvis’ mom died before his death date and he made many requests to be buried in Graceland next to his mother. Yet, he was buried in between his father and grandmother. Why would his family do that when they knew that he wanted to be buried next to his mom?? Does that mean he didn’t actually die?

Elvis’ full name was Elvis Aron Presley. Not Aaron. Elvis was born with a stillborn twin named Jesse Garon Presley and during the time of birth, it was common to have rhyming middle names which is why is middle name is specifically spelled Aron. Yet, the grave stone says “Elvis Aaron Presley.” Is this misspelling a hint that it isn’t the real Elvis?




We learned from Tupac’s autopsy to #trustnoone and here we are again. A lot of people believe that Elvis was really embarrassed of his weight gain and wanted to fake his death before it got any worse. Elvis’ weight around the time of his death was around 250lbs, which was written on the original autopsy report. Yet that original document has disappear and two months later made a new one where his weight is magically now 170lbs. Or was it a different person?

The autopsy report mentions a long scar on his chest that has been healed for some time now. An old chest operation was evident on the cadaver that the autopsy was on. But, Elvis had never had a chest operation.

Also Elvis’ father will not release the autopsy report until 2027. 50 years after his death! (WHY THO?!)

Other Stuff That I Don’t Have A Category For

  • A handwriting expert studied letters that Elvis had written to President Nixon along with the information and handwriting on the medical examiner report. After weeks of analysis, all the letters had the same slant and curves showing that the medical examiner report and the letters were written by the same person. The investigator believes that Elvis wrote his own death report. Video
  • the autopsy report was two whole pages long. The average autopsy report is around 50 pages long. Why was it so short?
  • Elvis was never the drug abused person that people claimed. Elvis was actually really smart with his drugs and studied pharmaceuticals. He was even presented with a CNOA Membership Certificate that reads: This is to certify that Elvis A. Presely is a member in good standing of the California Narcotics Officers Associations. He even displayed this certificate to an audience at one of his concerts.
  • PHONE RECORDS SHOW!!! Ginder Alden (his gf at the time) phoned the National Enquirer one to three hours before she called for help when finding Elvis on the bathroom floor
  • Elvis phones a friend named Ellen that he calls “Luv.”Elvis tells her that he is not going on the planned tour on August 16th saying “No- I’m not sick. I have never felt better in my whole life, that all my troubles are ending.”He asks that Ellen not question him and that will contact her again along with to never tell anyone about that conversation.
  • Two hours after the death had become public, a man who looked just like Elvis purchased a plane ticket in cash for Bueno Aeries. He went by the name John Burrows, which was the name of Elvis’ alias he used at hotels.
  • There has been a lot of sightings of him in Kalamazoo, Michigan around in the 1980s. One lady saw him in the supermarket, one saw him at Burger and a reporter for the Detroit News talked to him inside a hotel because he was there searching for him.
  • A former lover of Elvis named Lucy DeBaron claimed the day after his death, she received a rose in the mail under the name “El Lancelot” which was her pet name for Elvis. No one else knew of this name.
  • His manager Tom Parker actually created a fake alias for himself! He created it as person from Holland with a passport, a drivers license, a social security card, and birth certificate. Does this mean he had the connections to do the same for Elvis?
  • Many sources and police claim that there was helicopter hovering Graceland just moments before his death. Theories claim that’s when he hopped on the helicopter and fled the scene while a replica was placed in the bathroom.
  • Dee Presley’s Elvis stepmom, said that she received a phone call from Elvis post his death date saying things that only Elvis knew.
  • Elvis had arranged things so that Priscilla’s alimony would cease on August 15th, 1977.
  • there was also this guy name Jimmy Ellis who went on as a character called “Orion.” He sounded EXACTLY like Elvis and emerged after his death. He looked like Elvis and even wore a mask. (weeiirrdd) (he was also violently murdered RIP man).

I just want to say that I had no idea any of this stuff EXISTED. Now that I’m looking into it…I can believe it.

Here is my theory.

I believe that Elvis realized that things were going a little down hill. He was gaining a lot of weight, he was suffering from a heart condition, getting death threats and was in trouble with the “Fraternity” and he just wanted to escape the pressures of fame. But he wanted to die in a dramatic way and still be remembered as The King™️. SO he decided to fake his death, planned it with his father and girlfriend Ginger. He used a body of someone who had a lot of drugs in their system and had a heart condition as well (Kinda like Tupac). The government helped cover a lot of it up and put him in a relocation program for YEARS. Now, he can chill anywhere because he is really old and not many people notice him.

For more info: Here is a giant pdf of the files containing Elvis because THERE IS SO MUCH MORE.


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