JonBenet Ramsey: What Happened?

On December 26th, 1996, six year old JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her household in Bolder, Colorado. She was a beauty pageant child and was found in the basement from suffocation due to being strangled along with traumatic brain injury. (RIP girl)


To this day, no one has been seriously arrested for her murder even though its been 20 years after.

Since its been 20 years, there has been many specials in the past year trying to break down the evidence of what REALLY happened but some of the evidence points to the members of the family that did it. (by accident of course but we will get into EVERYTHING)


December 25th 1996– John and Patsy Ramsey (her parents) say they last saw their daughter alive as they put her to bed that night after a Christmas party. Burke (JonBenet’s brother and son of John and Patsy) was present at the house.

December 26th 5:30AM- Patsy Ramsey wakes up approximately at this time to make coffee. Patsy finds the 2 and a half page long ransom note saying a foreign faction has taken their daughter and are requesting $118,000.

December 26th 5:52AM– Patsy calls 911 to report JonBenet missing.

December 26th 5:54AM– Patsy calls two different family friends and invites them over to help. Police arrive soon after.

December 26th around 1:00PM– John and a family friend go down into the basement to look for her. John finds JonBenet’s body in a spare room in the basement that was used to hide Christmas presents. She has a skull fracture and has been strangled with a garrote, and her mouth has been covered with duct tape. John picks up her body, brings it upstairs and lays her down on the living room floor.

December 31st– JonBenet is buried in Georgia next to her half-sister Elizabeth (from John Ramsey’s previous marriage) who died in a car accident at the age of 22.

January 1st 1997- John and Patsy Ramsey go on CNN and say “there is a killer on the loose” and they claim that they did not kill her.

January 4th– Reports show that JonBenet’s skull was fractured and the ransom note was written on paper from a tablet in the Ramsey home. (!!!!!!!!!)

March 7th– Handwriting experts show that John Ramsey did not write the ransom note but it is inclusive about Patsy Ramsey.

April 30th– John and Patsy Ramsey FINALLY talk to the police!!! (why the hell has it been so long smh). Patsy’s interview as 6.5 hours and John’s was 2 hours.

January 15th 1998– John and Patsy Ramsey refuse to submit to another round of interviews unless they can review the evidence, a condition unacceptable to police.

January 29th– the Ramseys turn over to police the clothing they were wearing the night before JonBenét was found dead.

June 24th– John and Patsy Ramsey return to Colorado for interrogation by district attorney’s investigators and are reportedly questioned together and separately. For the first time, the prosecution conducts an extensive interview with their son, Burke, now 11.

August 20th– Sources tell The Post that an enhanced version of the 911 call Patsy made the morning she found the ransom note includes Burke’s voice in the background. That would contradict earlier statements given by the Ramseys that Burke was asleep until police arrived.

September 20th-Retired homicide investigator Lou Smit leaves the investigation, saying in a resignation letter that “John and Patsy Ramsey didn’t kill their daughter.”

October 8th 1999-The grand jury disbands, and Hunter announces, “We do not have sufficient evidence to warrant a filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time.”

May 31, 2000- John and Patsy Ramsey and former Boulder police Detective Steve Thomas square off on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” Patsy tells Thomas that he is “going down the wrong path” with allegations that she killed JonBenet in an “explosive encounter” over a bed-wetting incident.

June 24, 2006- Patsy Ramsey dies in Roswell, Ga. at age 49 after a 13-year battle with ovarian cancer. The cancer was first diagnosed in 1993 — three years before JonBenet’s death

August 16th, 2006– An American School Teacher in Thailand is arrested as he confessed that he killed JonBenet. 12 days later, police show that his DNA was no where to be found, no evidence it was him and he was known remotely in the area of December 26th.

September 2010– Police decide to take a new and fresh approach to the case and re-examine everything. Police re-interviews Burke Ramsey.

September 2016– CBS premiers a special about the Ramsey Case and showcase evidence pointing to Burke.

wheewwww- that was a lot to go over. (And there was so much more but it was a snore-fest) Now lets get to the evidence.



Ransom note:

  • the note claims that they are a foreign faction and request $118,000. This number is almost exactly to the bonus that John Ramsey was given that year. No one else knew that number except the Ramseys and the business.
  • The Ramsey family were MILLIONAIRES. If you were kidnapping their daughter, then why would you settle for the HundredKs?? Why not go big or go home?
  • Like stated in the timeline, the pad and pen the note was written on was found in the house and claimed by Patsy saying it was her stationary and pen.
  • Evidence found that the note could have been written by Patsy because of the inclusive handwriting (there was a total of 5 handwriting tests)
  • A handwriting expert Cina Wong after a three-week analysis of the ransom note believes it was written by the child’s mother Patsy as the author of the note used four different variations of the letter ‘A,’ and that JonBenet’s mother uses the same four types of ‘A.’
  • the ransom note was shown to be very unusually long being two and a half pages. Almost 80% of the note was shown to be unnecessary in reports.
  • practice samples were found in the Ramsey home, showing that the note was written in the home.
  • CBS Special showed that the letter took about 21 minutes to write if written with no mistakes. Why would the murderer (if not a family member) risk being in the home an extra 20-25 minutes if they didn’t want to get caught?

911 Call:

  • Patsy called 911 and sounded pretty believable on the phone how upset she was.
  • Once Patsy believed she hung up, you could hear a conversation going on between her, John and Burke.
  • Patsy and John claim Burke was asleep during this time but recent technology can show a third voice which is definitely Burke. Burke even says in his interviews that he was upstairs in his room, awake, but didn’t come downstairs. 
  • The women who answered the 911 was interviewed in the CBS special and claims that she heard a switch in the conversation and Patsy voice from exclaiming on the phone to speaking normally.
  • the conversation in the 911 call after Patsy thinks she hung up is supposedly (NOT CONFIRMED)
    • “We’re not speaking to you” —John Ramsey, JonBenet’s father
    • “What did you do?” and/or “Help me, Jesus” —Patsy Ramsey
    • “What did you find?” —Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother

Household Activities:

  • the only known people in the house during the events are JonBenet, Patsy, John and Burke Ramsey.
  • Despite specific instructions in the ransom note that police and friends should not be contacted, Patsy Ramsey telephoned the police at 5:52 a.m.
  • Police searched the house and did not find any evidence of forced break in or entry.
  • There is an intruder theory saying that the murder broke in through the basement because there was a broken window that was there for months that John never got around to fixing, but there are undisturbed cob webs showing that its impossible for someone to get in and out of there without those cob webs being distressed.
  • only JonBenet’s bedroom was cornered off so that no evidence was disturbed there but not the rest of the house
  • Victim advocates also arrived at the scene. Friends and advocates picked up and cleaned surfaces in the kitchen, possibly destroying evidence that could’ve helped the police.
  • There was a bowl of pineapple that was on the kitchen counter at the scene with DNA evidence of Burke Ramsey and Patsy and Burke’s DNA on a glass of iced tea. JonBenet was found with undigested pineapple in her stomach. The mother Patsy claims she did not give Burke or JonBenet pineapple.

Finding the body:

  • An investigator told a family friend and John to go search for the body and see if anything seemed out the ordinary. This is when they went to the basement and found JonBenet’s body.
  • JonBenet’s body was found with duct tape around her mouth, nylon cord was found around her wrists and neck, and her torso was covered by a white blanket.
  • John immediately took her upstairs and put her on the ground, then the investigator moved her to the living room couch. This could have possibly damaged any evidence to help the investigation.
  • Patsy stated that JonBenét was not wearing the clothing that she was wearing when she put her daughter to bed. She was now dressed in white leggings and a shirt.
  • Thirty-seven minutes after finding JonBenet’s body, a detective overheard John Ramsey talking by phone to his pilot and arranging a trip to Atlanta that evening for himself, his wife and son.



  • revealed she has been killed by strangulation and skull fracture. This same indent was found to be the exact same size as a heavy flashlight that was found on their living room table. No DNA was found on the flashlight but its the only item nearby that could explain it.
  • There are a lot of reports saying that JonBenet was a victim of rape but most of the evidence against it has been debunked but sexual assault has not fully been ruled out.
    • no semen would found in her body
    • there was evidence that there had been a vaginal injury and at the time of the autopsy it appeared her vaginal area had been wiped with a cloth
    • there has been said there was unknown DNA on the underwear, but in CBS Special they tested a brand new package of underwear and there was unknown DNA on that underwear as well, probably from packaging. Debunking this theory of an unknown male DNA in the underwear.


The Father- John Ramsey


There is a good amount of people out there who believe that John was sexually assaulting JonBenet, and that it went too far one time so they tried to cover it up as a murder/kidnapping. There are sources and sites claiming that this whole kidnapping/murder could be going so high all the way up to the Illuminati.

There is this website that I found a lot of info on which says that Elizabeth Ramsey (John’s daughter from a previous marriage) started recalling childhood memories of being sexually assaulting and people in long robes and rituals. Many believe that Elizabeth Ramsey was a victim of the Denver, Colorado Sex Ring. Then a few months later, she dies in this “freak” car accident that people describe it as. Was it an accident?? Many believe that someone purposely hit her because she was starting to reveal secrets of that sex ring. People believe that JonBenet was also apart of the Denver child sex ring.

This same website claims that JonBenet had already been to the doctor 33 times for a yeast infection. Along with this, the website claims that JonBenet Ramsey’s vagina was twice the size of a normal 6-year-olds, giving evidence that it has been tampered with.

In this theory, the father may have messing with JonBenet, it went too far and he accidentally murdered her. So John told Patsy and the two tried to cover up the whole incident.

I’ve never heard of these pieces of evidences in any news reports like the special I watched so I don’t count these are creditable sources. But hey, I mean anything is possible right? So much was tampered with, does that mean there is a lot more evidence pointing to the family then the police is revealing? I mean the family was very very rich, they might have had a lot of power in gearing which way the police looked in the case.

The Mother~ Patsy Ramsey


Patsy was a beauty pageant queen herself growing up and pushed a lot of her own dreams on JonBenet by making her do pageants. In the CBS Special, a family friend recalls her daughter talking about the trophies that JonBenet got and JonBenet saying “They aren’t mine, they’re my moms.”

Many people believe that Patsy snapped one night while fighting with JonBenet in a typical “Stage Mom” crazy way. This may have lead to her accidentally pushing JonBenet too much, or hitting her with the flashlight on accident. Once Patsy realized what had happened, she told John and they tried to cover it up. She wrote the note while John went to the basement to try to make it look like a murder.

In an AMA on reddit by an investigator of the case, he also confirms Patsy was wearing the same clothing from the Christmas party. Does that mean she never even went to bed? He even wrote, “Close family friends stated that she would never have been caught dead wearing the same clothes two days in a row.If she was in the same clothes from the party, what had she been doing all night?” Hmmm..

(RIP Patsy)

The Brother~ Burke Ramsey


The CBS special focuses on Burke as the prime suspect, which seems like it could make the most sense. In the docu-series, they had a 10 year boy try to break a plastic skull with a swing of the flashlight and it was definitely possible to make the same indent. Burke also tried to hit JonBenet with a golf club in the year before which could show a violent past. Also, the parents seemed to be focusing on JonBenet sooo much because she was in beauty pageants so maybe he was feeling neglected and was jealous of all the attention that JonBenet was always getting.

The theory is that Burke went downstairs to have a late night snack, pineapple in a bowl. JonBenet heard him and went downstairs, grabbed one and ate it. Burke supposedly snapped, grabbed the flashlight, hit her and knocked her unconscious. The parents heard the scream of JonBenet and then tried to cover it up as a murder/kidnapping. (Even though they didn’t have to do that like if this is true, he was 9 which meant he wouldn’t of been convicted because the legal age is 10 but whatevs maybe they didn’t know). Also there are marks found on JonBenet that match Burke’s train tracks exactly. Hmmm..

The CBS Special also focused on his interviews that he did later on in his life when the parents finally let him get interviewed. Burke would be playful when talking about it and blew off the situation like it was no big deal. Once the investigator showed Burke a picture of the pineapple bowl and asked what it was, Burke said “I don’t know” and then a few seconds later uncomfortably realized what it was and said “Oh” and then tried to avoid answering the question trying to say it was cereal or something. (we know you know what it was Burke).

The parents loved their children so much and they already lost JonBenet, why wouldn’t they go extreme measures to protect Burke?

Another suspect???

Although this is way more unlikely because it is basically proven that it was someone in the Ramsey family, there was someone else that could’ve been involved.

Bill McReynolds was dressed as Santa Claus at the family’s Christmas parties in 1995 and 1996, and had given JonBenet a card saying “You will receive a special gift after Christmas.” The wife of Bill also wrote a play that had similarities to the details of Ramsey’s murder. However, there was no evidence connecting them to the case, and they weren’t “serious” suspects. Bill McReynolds died in 2002.

Wow. Was this a novel OR WHAT.

Anyway, there you go. Most of the information about the case condensed into one post. There is some more out there, so don’t think this is in the end. There are a lot of different sites that have different information. I recommend watching the CBS Special to see the theory about Burke yourself or youtube videos. Or do research and tell me which theory you think is most likely!


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