Taylor Swift: Possibly Satan???

Let me start this off by saying this isn’t a conspiracy post, because conspiracy means theory. This is just the truth.

I used to really like Taylor Swift. I really did. I owned all her CDs, owned all her guitar books and I used to imagine covering her songs on a giant stage and shouting out to Taylor Swift for the inspiration that she gave us young girls.

As the years have gone by and I’ve gotten older, slowly my eyes have been opened to the crap she’s been pulling these past few years which has manipulated youth into painting her into a goddess.

Please sit down and get ready because this post is probably going to be long~

White Feminist

This might be the subject that we talk about the most because it is most prevalent.  Taylor Swift is  1) probably the icon for neo-nazis and more realistically, 2) the most self-centered white girl on the planet.

  • Taylor Swift paints herself as the icon for feminism with her year off break from dating when she turned 26 to “hang out with her girls.” (wow! taylor took a year off to focus on her girl gang! amazing! feminism!!!)
  •   Or when she only had girls (with a whopping 3 women of color) in her “Bad Blood” music video (which was about tearing another GIRL down in the music industry btw).
  • Or her instagram posts that mostly include tall, skinny, upper class, white women with (sometimes) the classic token black friend in photos

The list can go on, but these are the reasons she considers herself a “feminism.” Because she sees that her not hanging out guys and hanging with girls is considered feminism.

~Minaj vs. Swift feud

Another display of her white feminism comes from the twitter fight involving Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj, who broke NUMEROUS records with her Anaconda music video, was not nominated for Video of the Year at the VMAs while Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” was.

Extra input: Black women or any women of color in the music industry have to do so much more than white women on stage. All white women have to do to get nominations is be white, sing on stage with a guitar or piano and call it good. Then, an award will be theirs. Women of color though have to sing really well on stage, dance while singing, and be have an elaborate performance to be considered to be in the same categories at white women in the music industry.

So in the debate, Nicki Minaj was fighting on twitter about how women of color do not get as much recognition in the music industry. Even when her music video broke numerous records, she was left without even a nomination while Taylor Swift was nominated for Video of the Year.

Nicki was fighting for women of color (not attacking ANYONE). She mentioned that Taylor Swift was nominated but she was fighting MTV, not Taylor.

But O F C O U R S E sees this as attack about her and makes it about herself.



THEN Taylor comes in


Making herself the victim in the whole situation and then blaming M E N !!!!!! for taking the spot. This is why people hate feminism. Women like Taylor Swift pit women and men against each other instead of living together equally.



Nicki even suggesting to Taylor that if she is the feminist she claims, she should be speaking for the women of color community!!! But noooo Taylor only speaks when the issue involves HER.


She later apologizes but this made headlines every where. Making it where the “big bad black person called out the innocent frail white women.”

Lets not forget: This is exactly what happened when Kanye West went on stage at the VMAs in 2009 to defend Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video. Headlines against Kanye for being the big bad black man while Taylor Swift was the innocent frail white girl. While Kanye was just trying to fight justice by bringing light to the issue that Taylor Swift won the Video of Year by prancing around with “nerdy glasses” singing about a guy didn’t like her and likes someone else while BEYONCE had a music video of her and two other woc performing a dance number (which basically broke the internet and was a PHENOMENON). Of course Kanye brought up that point in the worst way possible, BUT that’s not the point.

Her lack of support for anything other than white women

Taylor Swift never acknowledges or tweets about a Black Lives Matter issue or anything related to the oppression of any marginalized group other than (white) women. Which can make sense to some degree. Some celebrities want to stay out of it, and want to keep their media related to their career. Okay, I get it, artists do that and shes not the only one. BUT!!! Taylor Swift literally PAINTS herself as the women who is supposed to come save girls from sexism!! This is of course the only thing she cares about because its affects her. For being the highest paid artist and most popular artist basically of our generation, the amount of influence that she is has is indescribable. She has MILLIONS upon millions of fans around the globe of different ages, genders and races. Yet, she can’t even support them by tweeting about and TRYING to use her privilege to show support for #BLM or shine any light on racism. RACISM. NOT SEXISM FOR WHITE PEOPLE.

“She supports her fans!! She gives back!! What about Swiftmas!!”

Ask any POC, I’m sure the ultimately gift would be their role model speaking out against systematic oppression not a lousy tea cup and stationary pad.

Cultural Appropriation

Ahhh “Shake It Off.” The worst music video and hella annoying song where she does a MONOLOGUE!!! THE WORST!!

The music video starts off with white dancers all prancing, all beautiful. You see them stretching, their faces and a good amount of time while they are dancing.

Then we see the black dancers. Who you never see their face, all you see is their butts. Twerking, while Taylor Swift stumbles around, laughing about how she can’t shake her butt while wearing more ~urban~ clothing. While black women are only used as PROPS in this music video instead of people, the white ballet dancers are seen as graceful while the black dancers are seen as “ridiculous” and “funny to watch.”

Other examples of Cultural Appropriation by our good friend Taylor:


AH YES, having a music video set in Africa with only white actors and actresses. Because all Africa is, is a scenery right?



Seriously??? This is just bad.


Okay this isn’t cultural appropriation BUT she willingly is posing with a guy with a swastika on his shirt.

If this isn’t a sign that she is a neo-nazi, I don’t know how more straight up you can get.

Refusal of acknowledgment of privilege

I can’t wait until the day where people stop showing her story as a rags to riches story!! Everyone paints Taylor Swift as this girl who quirky in Pennsylvania who grew up on a farm and headed to the big city to chase her dreams and became this superstar. NO. THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED.

Taylor Swift’s father came from three generations of bank presidents and her mother worked in finance. She did grow up on a Christmas Tree farm but this is a NICE ASS FARM. Not some rotting barn like in the movies. And when she was 16, she got a brand new Lexus for her birthday.

Who has enough money to completely move to another state by the way?? Nashville especially?? Any way, her family moved there and her father literally OWNED part of the record company “Big Machine Records.” He owned shares!! So of course this was motivation for the company to promote that heck out of Taylor Swift.

There are artists that ACTUALLY struggled and were H O M E L E S S. But Taylor Swift paints this picture of herself of how TRAGIC her life was.

She also paints this picture that she was bullied and didn’t have a lot of friends. When in reality, there is no concrete evidence for this. But there are posts roaming around the internet where people who went to high school with Taylor Swift talk about how it was really her as the bully in the high school and everyone was actually really glad she left. She also had no friends because she was mean to everyone except her side kick Abigail. (I 100% believe this)

Her songs!!!!!!

  • Every single of her songs are about struggling with a break up. Whining about how it didn’t work or how a boy didn’t like her back and the proceeds to attack the girl that the boy ended up with. She has built a career about complaining how men treat her or tearing down someone else when N O song talks about maybe she was the one who messed up!!! never taking responsibility!!
  • She SLUT SHAMES!!! Think of “Better Than Revenge” of her Speak Now album. Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift over the phone because they were both on tour (SHE HUNG UP BTW!!!) and Joe Jonas ends up dating Camille Belle. SO naturally, Taylor writes a song shaming this girl and saying “Shes better known for the things that she does on the mattress.” She alludes to having sex herself “there’s a drawer of my things at your place”, but still criticizes other women for doing it!!!
  • Perpetuates the myth that women are only worth their virginities with lyrics such as “Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind”. Her virginity was “everything she had”. Not her intelligence or talent or kindness or anything, just her virginity. (Abigail claims Swift used that wording because those were the words Abigail had used.)
  • Perpetuates the myth that women need men to save them
  • Plays at being the ugly, unwanted outsider despite being a thin, attractive, wealthy, white woman. Apparently glasses = ugly loser in “You Belong With Me.”
  • Plays into the Madonna/Whore Complex in “You Belong With Me” where she comes in turning heads, wearing the long flowy white dress (omg!! innocent Taylor!) while the girl that the guy she likes is with is wearing a red, tight, dress (what a whore!! basically a stripper!!)
  • CLAIMS!! To support NOH8 and did a photo shoot with it but a song LITERALLY SAYS “so go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy. That’s fine, I’ll tell mine you’re gay” because the fact someone is gay is SOOO terrible!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!


  • friends with LENA DUNHAM!!!
  • wrote a shitty song about John Mayer when he was quoted in interviews saying he was “really humiliated” by her song and said “I didn’t deserve it…I’m pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do.”
  • HER MANAGEMENT SUING EVERYONE FOR USING HER SONGS!!! Fans who are probably in their teens are selling things on Etsy and Taylor is SUING them for using her lyrics or her name!
  • Claims to love her fans but sues them and there are photos of bags full of unopened fan mail in her trash bins!!
  • She tried to sue her old guitar teacher when he put her name on his website! Like, c’mon hes probably just a frail old man trying to make some money with his guitar business geez.

The Kim and Kanye situation was unmentioned because c’mon, do we really need an explanation?? She LIED TO EVERYONE and staged a GRAMMY SPEECH about it!!! And then Kim proved that she was lying!!

Easily the greatest part of 2016.


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