#GIRLGANG: The modern dream

Okay I know its been a million years since I’ve posted in general but I have been thinking of this topic for TOO LONG to not write a post about it.

I began obsessed with the ideas of girlgangs I think in the beginning of my fashion crisis in August. I saw these girls all wearing skater/angsty clothes and vans walking around or skateboarding. I saw this photo on instagram/pinterest and I became O B S E S S E D. IT was my Iphone home background for a month and I’m pretty sure I showed everyone I knew because I nEEDED IT.

The picture that changed it ALL

A girl gang can mean different things to different people. Some people view girl gangs as just a group of girls that hang out, or maybe a group of girls that are REALLY CLOSE. MY! version of this ideal girl gang is a group of badass girls that have similar style, and all skateboard (ideal is they also sit around and fill out their passion planners together but I can’t be TOO picky).


Anyway, I’m trying to start a girl gang and…its going pretty okay. Aranya actually BOUGHT a skateboard and we’ve been riding together and Jody has a board from Target from when she was 11 so we’re making process. I mean skateboards are A LOT Of money so convincing people to buy one has been MUCH harder than convincing people in buying a planner.

But once this whole girlgang situation is COMPLETE, we are definitely getting this jackets EMBROIDERED!! And if we all wear them at the same time!! like!!! holy crap!!!



Okay so lets dive in to the coolest skateboarding girlgangs that keep this love and spark going:

THE SKATE KITCHEN (personal fav)

Place: NY

Instagram: @theskatekitchen

Okay I love them the moslty because they are super weird and really cool. They post whatever they want and they look they have the greatest time together. They are around the age of 18 and KILLIN’ IT in the skateboarding world. Like?? they just go to skate parks all the time and film each other doing cool lines around the park. They also have videos where they are just weaving around NY traffic with no cares in the world. SO. COOL. (Okay but for real I feel like they are always skating but do they go to school???????? who has that much time!!!! either way, mad respects)


The Brujas
Place: Bronx

Instagram: @wearebrujas

Another skate gang in the East Coast but these girls are woke as hell and also double as an activist group. They are more ~famous in the world of girlgangs where they go on tour. I have NO idea what they do on these tours but it looks like they hold events for accepting minorities and youth!! For example, they held an “Anti-Prom” in Brooklyn to help “celebrate and empower traditionally marginalized communities, such as women, LGBTQ, and racial minorities.” Heres a quote from a recent article: “For the Brujas girls, their crew is about more than skating: it’s about friendship, and the radical potential of sisterhood to foster real support systems, outside the mainstream social norms,” HELL. YA. Who doesn’t want to be apart of that?? ALSO, they were in the NY Times!!! How cool!!


Nefarious Skate Crew

Place: London

Instagram: @nefariouscrew

Their phase in their instagram bio is “The Pizza Appreciation Society” so OBVIOUSLY this is something that everyone can get into. Heres a sick ass video of them: https://vimeo.com/151378729 (UGH THEY ARE SO COOL) Their group formed because two of the members met each other at the skate park and bonded over being the only girls and loving skateboarding. There are a total of 15 girls and the ages ranged from 14-33. Like other skate groups, they skate, eat pizza, drink cheap beer and have a good time. Along with breaking the patriarchy, these girls ~kill it.


The Skate Witches

Instagram: @theskatewitches

Another more famous badass crew. They got the whole nine yards in this group. They have a blog, they make a zine, and they have CLOTHING. They have this sick ass tshirts and hats. MULTIPLE DIFFERENT KINDS. Also skateboarder and Winner of the recent Street League LACEY BAKER IS APART OF THE CREW!! How more amazing could they get??

The Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers

Place: Santa Cruz

Instagram: @santacruzladylurkers

A group of girls from Santa Cruz who ride around being cool AF. They don’t post as much as the other girls but they are definitely still as cool. I like that they have different skill levels in their videos but they all still look really cool living their best life.


WOWOW DO I LOVE GIRL GANGS. I hope someone out there finds as much passion about girl gangs as I do. Because like who DOESN’T!! want a group of bad ass girls to all be doing a hobby that you love!!! together!! encouraging!! like thats so cool!!! Ahh!!!

Anyway here are some more photos from my pinterest board back in August that heavily influenced my love in girlgangs


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