We love him, we hate him. then we love him again then hate, then love and now we hate him or do we love him? Its a vicious cycle. He’s been in the spotlight for 7 years from when he was 15 years old with his song “One Time” to him newest hit singles “Cold Water” and “Let Me Love You” and has done A LOT of stuff in between.

So why should we love him and why should we hate him?

Lets go through a full history lesson of everything he has done (or not done) to really figure out what is up with him.

The year is 2009, it is August and “One Time” is pretty popular on MTV and over the next few months it gets bigger and bigger. He releases his single “One Less Lonely Girl,” and girls are SWOONING (guilty). He comes out with his album called, “My World” that November.”Baby” attacks the world in January and “My World 2.0” comes out that March. Justin leaves for his My World tour that June in 2010.

Okay so that’s all the logistically stuff. We love Justin at this point. He is cute, he has the Bieber hair cut, and he just acts like a golden retriever puppy running around on a stage who happens to sing and dance. Its a wonderful critically acclaimed Airbud movie and it breaks box offices.

Justin is adorable on SNL, he (actually) has concert movie called “Never Say Never” released in 2011 and later that year came out with Under The Mistletoe (the greatest Christmas album of all time in my opinion).

His rough points during this time isn’t really wild. He uses the world swag a lot, he is 16 and does stupid 16 year old things. It just gets documented on camera unlike other dumb 16 year olds. He tweets a number of a possible enemy on twitter claiming it as his own and its traced to a teen in Detroit. But honestly…this is NOTHING.

2011 comes around and Maria Yeater comes around and is claiming that Justin is the father of her 3 month old son. She later drops the suit because Justin offers to take paternity test and pulls a “Billie Jean” and comes out with one of his greatest songs EVER, “Maria.” During this point, its possible people hated him because they believed Maria but then we love him because we later realize “that our Justin would NEVER do that.”

2012 hits and “Boyfriend” comes out, we love him. “Believe” is an amazing album. Justin says some weird things but we don’t really pay attention to it. He is young and we give him the benefit of the doubt.

Now this is where things go pretty downhill.

Justin gets booed when he performs at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto and is criticized later when he wears overalls and a ball cap when meeting with the Prime Minister. Some “yikes” moments.

Early 2013, Justin strikes paparazzi man who is trying to take photos on him while the man was in front of his white Ferrari. The hit ends up killing the paparazzi guy (rip). Later on, Justin has a rough week in London in March and is hospitalized for fainting backstage. He tries to attack paparazzi and is incredibly late to a show. It’s -10C and Justin is walking around a airport shirtless in Poland, and writes in the Anne Frank guestbook after a tour in Amsterdam “Anne was a great girl (as if he knew her???) Hopefully, she would’ve been a Belieber.” Like this girl died in the Holocaust and he is hoping that she would’ve been a fan OF HIM? Literally #YIKES.

Justin’s pet monkey “Mally” is taken away by German customs in the end of March. (#rip my dude). Justin is accused of reckless driving and is filmed peeing in a bucket and saying “F–k Bill Clinton” in July and apologizes on Twitter. 19-year old Justin doesn’t stop there but is seen spitting on fans off a balcony with friend Chaz Somers. Justin’s tour bus gets raided when crossing over to Canada and was found with possession of marijuana. (but like he is 19 of course he smokes). He was accused of punching some paparazzi and then was seen being carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China. Justin is seen at a brothel in Rio de Janerio and has graffiti charges back in America. At this point, Justin is basically just a lil (more like giant) s–t.

He ends the year with his concert movie called “Believe.” I liked it but it got terrible reviews and made only $6.2 million dollars. It has some touching scenes but a critic summarized it as an exhausted teen who was trained by PR to say certain things (which looking back I can totally see).

2014 was probably the most WILD year yet. In the beginning of the year, his home is searched over the story that he egged his neighbors house. He smokes so much weed with his entourage that the pilots of his private flight were forced to wear oxygen masks. He gets arrested for drunk driving, drag racing an resisting arrest in Miami and goes to jail for .2 seconds. He is smiling in his mugshot and is sitting on the roof of the car when he is leaving the jail.

March comes and the deposition video comes out and he is REALLY a giant s–t and is bratty and resisting the questions asked him (pretty funny but BAD). Justin is charged with assault to a limo driver in Toronto that happened in 2012. Young Bieber videos are released where he uses the N-word twice, and gets booed later on in the year when he was trying to strip tease at “Fashion Rocks.” At this point, you are just hurting because you didn’t realize someone could f–k up this bad.

During his jail incident, medical papers of him being clinical depressed for the past 6 months or more come to surface. Which is sad and kinda hits the feels for those who have been on this wild journey but then you remember all the stuff he did and his depression is not an excuse for him being so extra.

2015 comes and HIS FIRST COMEBACK BEGINS. The beginning of the year, Justin quietly released “Where Are You Now” with Skrillex  and Diplo and it becomes A HIT!!! later on in the year. This EDM type trend of a really good singer with a big drop in the song is very popular and this song is definitely of this. He goes on Comedy Central does a roast of Justin Bieber which is also a HUGE hit. Overall, Justin was genuinely really sorry about his behavior and what had happened the past few years. Comedian Hannibal Buress called it an “extremely transparent attempt to be more likable in the public eye,” which is SO tru but like… He won me over because his apology and taking responsibility for his actions seemed pretty legit.

He performed a medley of “Where Are You Now” and “What Do You Mean?” at the VMAS and ended the performance in tears saying that he didn’t expect the reaction to be so supportive  because the last time he performed at an award show he was booed. Very touchy, and I was WON OVER. His album “Prupose” came out in November (the same day as One Direction’s new album) and it got the best reviews of all his albums. He has hit such a larger fan base with his new music like “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You” and his music has turned from Bubblegum Pop to more electronic pop.

During this time, he did a few minor incidents. He knocked over a chair at a restaurant, had an awkward interview in Paris and cancelled a show after one song after repeatedly asking the crowd to chill because they were too rowdy in the front.

2016 has had many many ups and downs. He had this interview which brought me back from hating him a lil because he is taking responsibility for his actions and realizing that he is dumb almost 100% of the time. But the beginning to now has not been smooth. making you question every single article, asking yourself if Justin Bieber is a real human.

In March, he cancelled all of his Purpose fan meet and greets through Instagram because of mental health reasons as he was feeling too drained to performed and unhappy. In May, Justin calls it quits to any fan photos because it made him feel like a zoo animal. The origin of this was that it was very popular for fans to approach him and have a conversation with him. Which was all good but what has happening was that fans would be holding their phones up just filming the whole interaction. Justin would ask them to not film the conversation every time but then a new fan would come up and do the same thing minutes later.

I can understand where he is coming from but in his instagram post about it he said that he doesn’t owe the fans anything and that!! itself was the biggest yikes of all.

Justin was seen in May kicking out partiers at a nightclub, dancing on a table smoking a cigarette and then later that night seen with a Jack and Coke chilling and chatting with a bartender making people question where his mind was. In June, he was then filmed outside of a Cleveland hotel where he got in a fist fight.

Through all this as well, his rocky relationship with Selena Gomez as well as a “non existent” relationship with his mother.

Speaking of her, Selena Gomez commented on his instagram post in August which included a phot of Justin Sofia Richie when he threatened to make his instagram private because of the negative commets. Selena basically dragged him and defended the fans and called him out for cheating multiple times.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 1.38.01 PM.png

Ahh I love drama. Justin then deleted his instagram and hasn’t been back since. But! he came out with two new songs. “Cold Water” with Major Lazer and MO along with “Let Me Love You” with DJ Snake which are HUGE hits! Along with that, Justin hasn’t been making headlines with anything negative since the instagram feud.

He DID! though do a BBC Radio1 in studio cover of “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman which brought a lot of people back because of how amazing it was. Because lets face it, as much as you want to hate him, he has an angelic voice.

So where do we stand? What is up with Justin and do we hate him or love him?

Since he hasn’t been making that many headlines recently, people are just listening to his music having a good time. He is probably still pretty hated but they are overlooking it because “Cold Water” and “Let Me Love You” are BANGERS. Along with the talent exhibited in his BBC Radio1 performance just showed people how naturally talented he is.

I feel incredibly sorry for him over all. He is surrounded by people who egg him on and don’t keep him grounded. He sits around and does these things knowing that they are not okay. He has a lot of pressure on him from society to do certain things and it leads to a lot of mess ups. He tries to take care of himself and not do meet and greets but then stretches it and cancels photos overall because he has simply forgotten where he came from. Also the way he goes about things are just SO dramatic.

But anyway, Justin needs a break. Like a go-live-in-the-middle-of-no-where break and pull of John Mayer.

Also, yeah John Mayer needs to have a lil talk with Justin because John Mayer has one of the best comeback stories yet!!!




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