Minimalism: The Phenomenon

Oh dear lord how I WISH I COULD BE A MINIMALIST!!! I go through so many phases of what I want to do. At my core, I want to own everything in sight. In my ideal house I have all the CDs I ever want and a giant library. BUT THEN I want to be minimalist, live in a tiny house, spend my time traveling the world and not own many things. Because when it comes to packing, you realize how many things you own and my lazy butt does N O T want to pack it. I actually BOUGHT this minimalism book to learn about being minimalist. I BOUGHT AN ITEM TO LEARN ABOUT NOT BUYING ITEMS!!!! (i’m the worst!!) But I’m the most ENFP person you would ever meet and to keep up with hobbies and ranging passions, its just impossible to be a stereotypical minimalist.

BUT I will say, there are some REALLY great points that the book points out that I think is important for everyone to look into.

On another note: minimalism interior, especially in houses and rooms on tumblr, is VERY trendy right now. I’m at fault. I completely love the look. In the beginning of July I threw away F I V E trash bags of stuff that I ultimately didn’t need. This look should be good when I move out in an apartment and have no money to buy anything. I can always just say I’m more of a minimalistic kind of gal (because I’m quirky like that).

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.23.15 PM.png

Now there are some EXTREME minimalist out there. There are some people that don’t own cars, refuse to have kids and own less than 100 items. I applaud those people because that can be extremely hard and you have to have a lot of discipline (I say as I stroke my CD collection that were mostly all bought on impulse). (also how do they count this? Is a laptop one item and the case is another? or do they count their laptop, case AND the charger one whole item??? do they purposely not buy a case because that item might make them go above 100 and they have a strict under 100 policy???)

Anyway but those people are very rare and minimalists can range from many different lifestyles.

The overall key and motion of minimalism is to focus your life on things that truly make you happy. Minimalism focuses on instead of buying things and assigning a heavy meaning to them, that its important to work on life experiences and find happiness through that. The Minimalists blog writes “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

you: so you’re telling me!!! that minimalism isn’t owning less than 100 things, no car, no house, and a living a studio apartment with white walls with just a bed?!!??!?!

me: yes

I mean I’m sure some people really are like that and that’s GREAT. But its not for me. I’m sure its probably not for you.

There’s this quote from a minimalism blog that says this:

It’s important to understand that the reduction of physical possessions is often a RESULT of Minimalism, not Minimalism itself. Just giving away a bunch of things doesn’t make you a Minimalist, any more than buying a statue of Buddha makes you a Buddhist or doing yoga makes you healthy. It’s one aspect of the whole, for sure, but you needn’t partake if that’s not where your priorities happen to be. There are always other options.

So let’s dive into the good message that Minimalism provides that everyone (including me because I’m trash) should take note of:

Reassessing your priorities so that your everyday life is working on/or working towards things that make you happy.

Reading minimalism blogs saying stuff like this makes me usually think, ‘WELL OBVIOUSLY!!!! What else should anyone be doing???!!” then I realize that a few minutes before thinking this thought,I just finishing spending an hour switching between twitter/facebook/instagram/buzzfeed quizzes. Does this make me happy?? Well…not really. It makes me KINDA happy in the moment. Maybe a funny Arthur or Harambe meme will show up but I’m not SCREAMING with joy. So why do I do it? I HAVE NO IDEA I WISH I HAD AN ANSWER FOR YOU!!! (I have gotten better though I did deleted my twitter/facebook apps so I don’t scroll through them as much). Are going on these sites instead of doing things like enjoying life like writing a song or going out skateboarding better? NO. BUT I STILL DO IT.

Imagine this: What does your perfect day look like? It probably enjoys doing all the things you love, right? SOOO!!! WHY NOT DO IT!!!!

(I NEED TO WORK ON THIS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

When you focus on things that make you happy, this may lead to more time.

Isn’t this what everyone wants?? More time??! This past summer I had no job and lived at home with no responsibility and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever done because I had all the time in the world!! Minimalism focuses on taking away those unnecessary things we do to make time for our passions. This might mean getting rid of friends that you don’t really like who you have to have weekly meet ups with and instead using that time that to work on your knitting patterns. This might mean getting rid of a lot of your things because you spend too much time cleaning. This might mean limiting yourself to how much time each day you spend on the computer so that you live life outside of the screen. (I should probably do this) Or might mean buying less items so you spend less time packing and spend more time with your family/friends/in the vacation spot you’re at.

This can mean A LOT OF THINGS. It depends on what works for you.

There are a lot of other smaller things to point on that minimalism can do to a person:

It can REALLY help you save a lot of money that’s for sure.

Instead of buying the ~newest thing or thinking you might need another mug for your apartment (because 10 might not be enough!! what if i have 11 guests!!?!?!!! ~guilty), you skip it and spend them on experiences. Spend time going out to dinner with your friends, going to the movies or gas to go on a hike with your partner. Cool stuff like that. (~COLLECT MEMORIES NOT THIGNS!11!!!~~~)

Limiting your closet down to the items you actually wear

I have too many clothes. SO MANY CLOTHES. And I also have way too many clothes that I don’t actually wear. The key that I’ve seen in a lot of posts online is to shrink your closet down to practical and timeless clothing called ~capsule closet. (or just commit to a certain style for the rest of your life. Sk8r girl~ aesthetic until I die here I come) This is awesome because you don’t spend a lot of time shopping, don’t need to buy things that are trending, and spend less time deciding what to where. This blog says that a capsule closet means having 37 items of clothing that you absolutely L O V E to wear which also means spending less money on being some mediocre outfit that you might wear in the future.

I mean look at President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg! Obama only wears grey or blue suits because “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.” TRU!!

In conclusion:

I’m not telling you to throw out everything you own (because if I threw out everything I owned I would puke endlessly I’m so materialistic). Stop me if I’ve said this before but… Minimalism is different for everyone. When it comes down to it, it just about making sure you have your priorities set on the right path and making sure you’re happy.

It’s something that I REALLY need to focus on everyday because it’s really easy for me to get caught up in technology and be a lazy bum. (real question I asked myself today: should I watch ALL of Stranger Things today??? or watch only half and spent the other time being productive?? plot twist I DID watch half but the other time I spent wasn’t as productive as I hoped lol)





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