The Study Community: An Intro and An Enlightenment

Ah. The study community. I became interested in the study community after my fall quarter of my second year in college (which was pretty #ruff) So I decided that I need to change my habits and get productive. I found this community on tumblr (who refer to themselves as studyblr) and also through my friends Maddie and Sara. The study community SAVED me in my last two quarters of my second year.

With school coming up for some people either Monday, the week after or sometime in September~ I thought this post was needed to help everyone get studying and not want to die.


A studyblr (pronounced study-blur) is a tumblr account dedicated to studying. Where you can post pictures of studying, reblog or post pretty notes for school, reblog or post study tips, post pics of planners. Really anything that revolves around the act of being productive toward academics.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.46.46 PM
So beautiful!! how!!! by studymoo

Popular studyblr accounts:

I mean you just look at, you’ll find PLENTY.

Trends and things you will commonly see in the community:

  • tons of these people have really nice handwriting and are so!!! neat with their notes
  • the 100 days of productivity challenge (every day you strive to do something productive toward your goals, which could be anything) and post pictures about it
  • pens. so. many pens. (specifically MIDLINER highlighters and Staedtler pens) My BIC dollar tree pens ain’t cutting it anymore
  • bullet journals (and beautiful spreads with nice handwriting!! and also magazine clippings or pictures from the internet printed out.)
  • it’s all about the ~aesthetic (alot of white because well paper is white but white desks too)
  • having your mac book open on chrome with the momentum extension
  • a lot of people doodle really nicely and have big ideas sectioned with banners

^^ those pics are all from different accounts and have the same color scheme, I’m telling you they LOVE the aesthetic.


Now I’m going to link you to a bunch of different masterposts on tumblr which have MORE links but its a great compilation list I promise you

Okay so not only do these people post pretty pictures and have nice handwriting but they post TONS of really good tips on how to get your life in order. Whether its ACTUALLY about school or just about life in general. The people in the studyblr community are big advocates for bettering yourself and staying mental and physically healthy. They acknowledge the stress of school, and sometimes how having a studyblr may make you push yourself too hard. They make sure to repeat over and over again that your mental health is more important than school (which is so awesome, y’all are killing it wow).

SO lets get into some life tips that I see alot that they post that I think its hella important to share before we get into the study tips

  • coconut oil is the key to the world
  • water – If these people could drink the ocean, I honestly think they would
  • eating healthy and taking snacks, gotta have that brain working
  • getting enough sleep (which I really appreciate because you would think they would be into cramming all night and stuff but they also have their lives together and don’t procrastinate for the most part)

okay wait I guess that was it because the rest are really cheesy and I’m not about to write them out because it makes me feel uncomfortable. HERES SOME and here’s more

You get the idea.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 7.12.44 PM

To be honest, I myself don’t have many good study tips myself because I’m just trying to follow what these posts say for the most part. I’m just a bill on capital hill, you know? Anyway, the study community is great for motivation. Just making this post kinda got me excited for the new tips to try and making pretty notes. Ultimately, these posts just make me want to have my life together. But at the same time, these studyblrs also encourage that its really okay to not have your life together. Ugh these tumblrs are pretty confusing with how loving they are!!! so nice!!!

The only tip I do have though is when you start school,  find out first what motivates you to do well. You have to have good intrinsic motivation. If you don’t find out what motivates you, then you won’t get really far even though you post cool pics and buy all the stationary. ( T R U S T M E ) When it comes down to, strive for those good grades!! get to learning!! be productive!!! but don’t push yourself too hard!!!!



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