Why Tupac Is Alive (and other theories)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a big advocate for Tupac being alive. This is going to be a long ride for those who choose to read the enter post.

I became an advocate when I talked to my roommate Aranya (ugh what a gal, love her) my first year in college about Elvis being alive and laughing at the idea. Then she turns to me and says “Well I believe Tupac is alive.” Then…my world changed.

(To show you how easily convinced I am, I looked at one fact and was CONVINCED)

Lets set the scene of Tupac’s death...

Just past 11 p.m. on September 7, 1996, at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Koval Lane (then just a few steps from the Maxim Hotel), Tupac and Knight were idle at a red light when a white Cadillac rolled up to the passenger side and opened fire.

Tupac was hit four times; one bullet critically punctured his lung. Suge Knight, for the most part, was unharmed. A week later, on September 13, while on life-support in the critical care unit at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Tupac “died” from internal bleeding.The drive-by shooting was reported to be gang-related, spurred by a physical altercation involving Tupac, Knight, and Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, a Crip gang affiliate from Compton, the night of September 7. (A 2011 investigation by the FBI showed several threats were also made on the rapper’s life by the Jewish Defense League)


14 shots were fired, four of which hit Tupac. Knight, who is a considerably large man (around 6’4, 260 pounds) was not hit once. He was said to have sustained minimal injures from bullet fragments, but no serious wounds were recorded.

  • Many people believe that Suge Knight could of been the mastermind behind the shooting, thinking that he was the insider to make the plan smoothly

Since being shot at Quad Recording Studios on November 30, 1994, Pac wore a bullet-proof vest almost everywhere.

  • IT SEEMS VERY ODD,  on such a high profile night at a FIGHT!! in LAS VEGAS!!, that he’d forego protection….

This is the car that Tupac was in the night of the shooting. And the one on the left is that car that was “searched” by the police.

The reason that we are focusing on these photos is because of the rims on the vechile. If we zoom in… we see DIFFERENT RIMS.

Why would they show different cars? Even if Tupac was actually fatally shot, what was the point of showcasing two different cars??

The Setting

The streets of Las Vegas are typically jam-packed—with an assortment of cars, people, and entertainers trying to earn a living. Tupac was shot two hours after the Mike Tyson/Bruce Seldon fight, and the streets, the strip especially, were likely congested with traffic that night. And yet, nobody spotted the white Cadillac?

Especially being shot in Las Vegas, its known to be a city where people can pay off other people to do work.  Maybe like…pay a hospital to say Tupac died when he really didn’t????


On the night of Tupac’s death, there are three different stories of how he arrived to the hospital
1) a witness featured on television said he was taken by helicopter (also in the movie “Notorious”, it says he was “airlifted” to hospital (That witness tweet in 2012, that she stands by what she saw also  on the day the day that Tupac “died”)

2)Suge Knight claims that he “drove like a maniac”

3) wikipedia and news sources claim an ambulance took him

Why is there not one story? On a subject that has its own WIKIPEDIA PAGE!! you would THINK someone would see!

Wikipedia also states: “At the time of the shooting, an entourage of around 10 automobiles were following Knight and Shakur’s vehicle. Officers said despite this, no one admitted seeing the shooting or a suspect.”

TEN…not one car behind them but T E N. AND…N O!!! ONE!! “SAW!!??”

This brings me to the conclusion that some or all of these cars were apart of the situation. They knew what was happening and were there to help in case the original plan didn’t fall through.

What about his mom?

Afeni Shakur (Tupac’s mother) (also RIP girl) and medical staff are the only people who saw the rapper once he was admitted into the hospital. Years later in this video interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nMAQ2as5lM) Afeni says, “In the end, he chose to leave quietly and I think I can leave him alone” before she keeps saying how tired he was about the whole fame situation.

LEAVE QUIETLY??!?! Tupac did NOT leave quietly if we are talking about the same situation. In the situation where you get shot in the middle of Las Vegas unexpectedly…doesn’t seem quiet to me. But the leaving quietly that I think she is referring to, is leaving fame with his using his death as an expect so he can live a QUIET life.

Problems with his death

Nobody saw Tupac in the hospital and he was cremated the day after he died, so there was no autopsy, even though it’s legally required to have an autopsy after death. According to Suge Knight, the man who cremated Tupac was paid three million dollars in cash and then he vanished, so there aren’t any witnesses to the body.

Coroner’s Report

In Tupac’s coroner’s report, it says he was 6′ tall and weighed 215 pounds.  In fact, Tupac was 5’10” and weighed 165 pounds which is stated on his license which was stated to him in 1996.

They saying that Tupac gained 50 pounds and grew two inches in four months??

He even says in his song “Str8 Ballin'” where he raps “And they say, ‘how do you survive weighing 165 in the city where rich n—– die?'”


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.11.22 PM.png

In the “autopsy” photo above, that was released to the public, the picture is missing his neck tattoo that says “Makaveli” and is a doctored photo from the “California Love” music video. So if Tupac did die, why release a fake photo? Was there even an autopsy photo?

His latest album

Ahhhh Makaveli. What a world we are about to get into.

Makaveli is a name that Tupac went by when he writing his last album. Nicolo Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist and philosopher who wrote about faking his death to fool his enemies. When Tupac went to prison he studied Machiavelli’s work and also read his books while in prison, while serving time for supposedly sexual abuse. Tupac then changed his artist name to “Makaveli.” Machiavelli (the real one)’s faked his death at 25 and came back when he was 43. This has not be proven, but some people do believe this. Maybe Tupac did??

Album cover

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.15.43 PM

The album shows Tupac on a cross being crucified in reference to biblical stories to Jesus.
In the bible, Jesus dies on the cross and RISES again as a second coming.
Is Tupac referring to himself as Jesus? A foreshadowing a second coming?

but why go under the name Makaveli instead of the actually name Machiavelli?? Is it possible because Makaveli spells out “AM ALIVE K”? Also “Makaveli Tha Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” (his full album name) spells out “Ok On the 7th U think I’m dead, yet I’m really alive”
….Tupac was wild and incredibly smart.

The producer on the new Makaveli album is simply “SIMON.” This was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross (carry the cross…help him in his death bed??) and one of the first groups to witness his resurrection (after Mary and her gal pals) Theories that SUGE KNIGHT (his producer and driver of car he was shot in, is “SIMON”)

Also, Tupac said in a song “Expect me —— like you expect Jesus to come back expect me ———, I’m comin. On Tupac’s album it shows him on a cross like Jesus and says “Exit: Tupac Enter: Makaveli.” Some people thought this meant he was going to return and predicted the date of that return to be in 2014, 18 years later like Machiavelli. (I STILL HAVE FAITH THO ITS THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR)

Lyrical references to death

On Me Against the World, the 1995 album from Tupac Shakur, the prodigious rapper foretells his death.
 “I’m having visions of leaving here in a hearse/ God can ya feel me?/ Take me away from all the pressure/ and all the pain/ show me some happiness again,” he raps on “So Many Tears.
On the track with Richie Rich, Tupac says, “I’ve been shot and murdered. Can’t tell you how it happened word for word but best believe these ____ are gonna get what they deserve”

“I heard a rumor that I died, murdered in cold blood. Pictures of me in my final state”
“Got 50 enemies plotting my death, all 50 seen visions of me shot in the chest”

U M ? ? So Tupac…is just going to writing about getting shot in the chest… WHERE HE WAS ACTUALLY MURDERED. And also “Pictures of me in my final state” *CUE FAKE AUTOPSY PHOTO!!*

7 Day Theory

I honestly could sit here for 800 years and type out all the things that involve 7. Tupac was sooo obsessed with it. Which made me think some of these things were not a coincidence.

  • Tupac’s last album is called The 7 Day Theory (Recorded in 7 days) which came out 7 months after his death.
  • He was shot on September 7th and died seven days later.
  • His official time of death was 4:03 PM (4+3=7)

Music Videos

A few DAYS after his death, a music video is released where Tuapc watches himself die and go to heaven. In the “I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto” music video, it shows Tupac surviving a shooting in Vegas and being flown to New Mexico
~In the very beginning of the music video, the radio in the helicopter says “Rap Star and actor, Tupac Shakur received multiple gun shot wounds in a drive-by shooting” shows a date “September 14th, 1996” as thats when the music video is taking place in (the day after his death)

Tupac: WYD???

Suge Knight

Suge Knight is a famous producer/good friend of Tupac and was the person DRIVING the vehicle that Tupac was shot in.

He says “People know what happens in the end of the day”

Interviews where they ask, “Have you seen Tupac dead?” Suge replies “Nobody has seen Tupac dead”

He was seen by TMZ in May 2014 and states “thats because Tupac’s not dead…you know he’s out there smoking a cuban cigar an that island somewhere” in response to why no one has been arrested when people have ‘admitted’ they were the ones who killed Tupac
Suge was shot 6 times 3 months later at a Pre-VMA party

After news broke out about Suge Knight, TMZ interviewed Katt Williams where he says:
“If you’re an idiot you could believe this is about Suge Knight. But Suge Knight has been accessible for almost 20 years. We know who it was aimed at. We know whos life he saved. And we know why we won’t talk about it” !!!! U M !!!!!

Why do people say he’s in Cuba?

On his track, “This Life I Lead” he starts the song off by saying, “Whats Up Cuba?”

Tupac’s aunt is Assata Shakur, the political activist and former Black Liberation Army member who escaped prison and fled to Cuba after she was convicted for the 1977 murder of a New Jersey State Trooper. She has been living in Cuba since 1984, where she was granted political asylum.

Celebs on Tupac

At the Naughty by Nature concert, Trench says “Tupac lives we just can’t tell you where” in 2009. In a documentary called “Tupac Resurrection, 2003” he says “Hes out there, Hes somewhere’

Hussein Fatal, member of Outlawz and collar member with Kasinova, sings in his song “Wut You Talking Bout” saying ‘They can hunt me all they want, I’m here with Pac chilling!’In an ad promoting Hussein Fatal’s In The Line Of Fire (1998) Fatal and Tupac are seen hugging in an unspecified location that resembles an exotic local.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.40.56 PM

Outlawz Lyrics referencing Tupac

“Makaveli, where you at ____. That ____ somewhere chillin, I guarantee that” (Unknown track)
“They yelling Tupac back, but nah he ain’t back. the homie never left and thats a well known fact” (E.D.I MEAN)

E.D.I MEAN’s music video

This music video is the definition of L O L but I will say…its got some good stuff.

This analyze or the “analyse” as the video spells is here:


So this DVD, you think is another documentary just like all the others BUT NO. This documentary has a secret menu that shows you a videos. How to get to the secret menu is go to Special Features the press right on the controller until one of the Tupac pictures turns yellow. Once this is done, hit enter. (also why the hell do they even NEED a secret clip?)

This clip is so incredibly hard to find online because it keeps being deleted!!! It’s a very convincing factor for so many people.  BUT!!! I found this one!!!




Kasanova is a rapper who has similar lyrics, messages, flow and sounds almost EXACTLY like Tupac Shakur.
Remember how Makaveli spells out “AM ALIVE K”? Many people believe that the ‘K’ refers to Kasanova Tha Don.
Also Remember his latest album was released as “Makaveli Tha Don Killumanti.”
He covers a lot of Tupac songs as well and originals that includes lyrics like “Pac is gone but he’s torch is burning alright” and “These ____ thinking Makaveli a game.”

Kasanova also makes a lot of collaborations with Tupac’s old rap group “Outlawz” Casanova has made songs with two members Hussein Fatel and Young Noble.

Like Makaveli was to Machiavelli, Kasanova is to Casanova
Casanova was an Italian adventurer and writer who went around using fake aliases (other than being known for his love). Casanova was exiled for 18 years in the Republic of Venice and would then sign his works as “Jacques Casanova de Seingalt” (a fake name)
He then returned after these 18 years as a celebrity in the month of September (which is the month Tupac happened to die in).

Kasanova also has a mixtape called 2FACE and this is the artwork

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.43.21 PM.png


Still stuck in a dark cage
Living in my mind of that fateful day
9-7-96 I remember like it was yesterday
I got a lot to say

Thug ____love, Thug ___ cry
How the media said that I died but I’m still breathing
Who do you believe in?
Everything that was said was lie, see listen

We were in Vegas getting faded
In the city of sin
I had a bad feeling that night
After the fight at the MGM, can ya feel me?

We left the telly on the way to the club
These hoes pulled up right beside us
My adversaries steading on plotting my death
Squeezing bullets to the name on the chest

I heard gun shot, but it got weird
Instead of bullets only smoked appeared
Next thing I knew
Some man in a suit just standing there

They opened the door
Grabbed the ____the feet
Let my head hit the concrete
It was a nightmare

Dragged on the street
Scars on my back
Looking at the white Cadillac
Before the black back

Over my head, I couldn’t believe what I happened to see
A ____who looked just like me
Dressed like me, in the passengers seat
But it can’t be me

Sitting here next to Suge
Another four shots and it can’t be good
I gotta find a way, that is what I say
Next thing I know, a blow to the head…

If those lyrics alone don’t mess you up… I don’t know what will.

SOOO Kasanova here is basically sharing what happened the night that Tupac got shot. I’ve people use this song as a way to showcase and support that they believe Tupac was airlifted to the hospital. They believe during the time in the air on the helicopter was when they switched bodies and put someone else who liked just like Tupac into the hospital while the helicopter left with Tupac in it.

People who feel it wasn’t Tupac in the hospital

Tupac’s biological father in the interview with Billy Garland from So Many Years So Many Tears , 2006 SAYS HIMSELF
“When I walked through the doors, I saw something that resembled my son, but it didn’t look like my son the last time I saw him”

Members of Tupac’s tap group “Outlawz” said before that they smoked Tupac’s ashes
but an interview in 2014, they state “we smoked what we THOUGHT were his ashes, you know what I mean? Years later, we found out that they wasn’t really his ashes”

(Tbh we don’t know what you mean)


Tupac also mentioned before in interview and in songs, that he wanted to be buried.
But if he was buried it would have to be his REAL BODY.
The cremation was done VERY quickly after his death so that there would be no evidence that it wasn’t Tupac’s body


Tupac plays a heroin addict in his movie “Gridlock’d”
While researching for his role in the move, Tupac spent a lot of time in hospitals visiting heroin addicts.
In the Bellflower Medical Center is when Tupac meets Devan Clark


WEELLLLL..Devan Clark was a young man who was addicted to heroin and slowly dying of AIDS. Tupac, as well as other staff, were all surprised at the resemblance between the two men. Tupac spoke to Devan and admitted that he was a long time fan and Tupac promised that he would return at a later date to listen to his story

Tupac later did come to hang with Devan Clark and knew the situation of his life and decided to get Devan in on this plan. Tupac then told Devan about the process of Euthanasia. Tupac told Devan “Give your life, which is already gone, for your family who I will give as much money as they need for the rest of their lives?”
Devan then accepted this offer which explains 1) why Tupac was cremated (no evidence since it wasn’t him) 2)The other body 3)why the person who cremated Tupac disappeared

Euthanasia is common AIDs practice that gives time for the patient to instead of die painfully through the process of AIDS, patients receive this treatment to die more slowly and painlessly in their last days of death.
From the time of September 7th to September 13th, Tupac was NOT in the hospital trying to get better from his gun wounds. But it was Devan Clark receiving the Euthanasia treatment.

Now there isn’t any photos of the two together.
Theres also an interview for the Gridlock’d movie where he describes his co-star’s character and says “he represents Euthanasia, to die slowly….to die painlessly.. His character is Euthanasia and my character is reality, cause I don’t want to die… he feels like his already dying so its to die slow, you know, its to die painlessly”

But in the movie…his character is not dying??! Again Tupac, WYD??

Last a final notes about Euthanasia:

On the coroner’s report, under ‘EMPLOYED’ it says “Euphanasia”
Euphanasia was a company that Tupac set up shortly before his death to develop movie projects etc etc.
TUPAC SET THIS UP AS A CLUE ON HOW HE WOULD FAKE HIS DEATH~ The big money ticket who was running the scene.

The logo was a black angel of death for his company. In cases of Euthanasia, the physician assisting patients in suicide are often called “angels of death.”
Pac chose this as the logo to show that his plan to euthanize someone else was to save himself. He wore this medallion with the logo on it wherever he went for weeks before the shooting and death

And this is where I end.

Overall, this is what I think what happened:

Tupac was very tired of the fame and wanted to escape it all to go back to the streets and live a normal life. So, once Tupac learned about Machiavelli while he was jail and from that point on, started figuring out how he was going to fake his death. Tupac had a lot of money and so paid off hospitals to release false information. During this time, Devan Clark was in the hospital receiving Euthanasia while Tupac was giving money to Clark’s family. The night of the shooting, Tupac purposely went out not wearing his vest, gets shot with rubber bullets in the car. A man takes Tupac out of the car while they are all stopped and puts him in a  helicopter with Suge Knight to the hospital. Tupac had a lot of money and so paid off hospitals to release false information. During this time, Devan Clark was in the hospital receiving Euthanasia while Tupac was giving money to Clark’s family.At the hospital, Devan Clark is taken into the hospital under the name Tupac Shakur. The helicopter leaves, which everyone believes is empty, and is taken away as far as he could. Cuba I believe is a possible place he resides with his Aunt, maybe for holidays so we has family but I believe he would’ve had to travel constantly.

Kasanova Tha Don could be a possible way that Tupac is releasing music under this name and under this person. Since this guy is not incredibly big, it hasn’t gained a lot of attention and is easier for Tupac to do so if he still is writing music. OR Tupac just used him to release My’stery so people could hear what really happened.

TBH though my biggest fear in life is that Tupac actually DID FAKE HIS DEATH and was alive but died sometime between 1996 to now which caused him to not come back in 2014 (18 years after like Machiavelli).



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